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Message From The Grand Chancellor


Ratu Muda Karen Cantrell, Chancellor

As the Grand Chancellor, for the Royal House of Kupang, I am privileged to work with a dedicated group of people and volunteers who are committed to making our values and good works accessible to all members of our community.


I am honored to have had this privilege to represent the Grand Chancellery Of Kupang. It has been a long journey, but nothing without effort and persistence can accomplish much in this world, nowadays.


Our strategic ambition is to be a leading force for Good works and Charity in strengthening our contributions to Timor through sustainable growth by clear principles, ethics, and values.

The Grand Chancellery envisions providing direction, resources, and oversight to establish and maintain a culture of compliance and to help ensure sponsoring opportunities.


We sponsor and promote procedures related to international exchanges of information, humanitarian assistance, and being a primary liaison for The Royal House of Kupang Public Relations.


The Chancellery is an ex officio member of the Royal House of Kupang and serves ex officio on Public Relations and Cultural Liaison.

I have been part of the Journey of the Royal House of Kupang, I have heard their stories, and I know where they’ve come from and what goals they’ve set for themselves.

I am honored to be a small part of helping make all those dreams become a reality, and I urge you to consider your own participation, joining our Chancellory in the volunteer capacity today.


As you browse through our Grand Chancellery website, I invite you to learn more about us and to consider partnering with us as we work to meet the challenges that lay ahead. Together we can make a difference in this world, for good!


 Ratu Muda Karen Cantrell



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