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The Royal House of Kupang sponsors various humanitarian and cultural programs, bestowing its traditional honors on special benefactors and supporters.

The following are currently in progress:

Agricultural development program: this program pursues the acquisition of agricultural machinery to exploit agricultural resources on a larger scale, which will result in the strengthening of the traditional economy.

Water purification program: intended to finance the purchase of the necessary equipment to establish a water purification plant to prevent water scarcity.

Program for the prevention and eradication of diseases: The acquisition of medical supplies, medicines, vaccines, etc., is intended to combat diseases such as cholera, yellow fever, malaria, and dengue.

School construction program: its objective is to allocate the necessary resources to expand the number of schools to increase the enrollment of children.

Restoration of the Pantheons of the Nisnoni Dynasty: it aims to recover an important part of the dynastic heritage of the Nisnoni, carrying out the necessary restoration works in the Pantheons of the Rajas of the House of Nisnoni.


Royal House of Kupang Projects

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