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The Nisnoni Dynasty


xxx Sonbai, a descendant of Baki Nisnoni, brother and son of a Liurai of Greater Sonbai. He had issue, two sons:

1) Bernardus Nisnoni Baki Bena Sonbait, 1st Liurai of Sonbai Kecil. Regent of Greater Sonbai, ca. 1785. Established his independence, after 1785. He d. at Kupang, 1791, having had issue, two sons:

a) Gerek Baki Sonbai, 3rd Liurai of Sonbai Kecil. Succeeded his uncle.
b) Isu Baki Nisnoni, 4th Liurai of Sonbai Kecil. Succeeded his elder brother.
2) Nube Bena Sonbai, 2nd Liurai of Sonbai Kecil. Succeeded his brother, ca. 1791. He had issue:
a) Babkas Nube Nisoni, 5th Liurai of Sonbai Kecil. Succeeded his cousin. He had issue:
(1) Meis Babkas Nisnoni, 6th Liurai of Sonbai Kecil. He had issue:
(a) Isu Meis Nisnoni, 7th Liurai of Sonbai Kecil. Installed 1842. He d. 1860.
(b) Don Bastian Isu Nisnoni, 9th Liurai of Sonbai Kecil. b. before 1825, educ. privately. Succeeded his cousin, 29th June 1874. m. Donna Johanna, née Taihutu (m. second, Thomas Isak Loudu, by whom she had issue, one son and one daughter). He d. 1890, having had issue, four sons:
(i) Don Said Meis Nisnoni, 10th Liurai of Sonbai Kecil. Succeeded on the death of his father, 1890. He d.s.p. August 1902.
(ii) Baki Bastian Meis Nisnoni, Fetor of Sonbai Kecil. b. before, 1880, educ. privately. Succeeded on the death of his brother as 11th Liurai, August 1902. Reigned under the regency of Fetor Ajieb Saubaki. Invested with full ruling powers, 1904. Deposed in favour of his younger brother, 4th April 1911. Appointed as Fetor after his brother became Raja of Kupang, 1918. m. Donna Sarah, née Apaut. He d. 1972, having had issue, five sons and three daughters:

1. Don Bastian Nisnoni. b. 1902. m. Donna Apolonia, née Saubaki. He d. 1981, having had issue, one son and four daughters:
a. Don Laazar Nisnoni. m. Donna Jacoba, née Heo.
a. Donna Elisabet Tuan-Nisnoni. m. Osias Tuan.
b. Donna Welmince Makalau-Nisnoni. m. Julianus Makalau.
c. Donna Adriana Malafu-Nisnoni. m. Nitanel Malafu.
d. Donna Bertha Tanof-Nisnoni. m. Junus Tanof.

2. Don Jacob Nisnoni. m. Donna Johana, née Sanam.

3. Don Pieter Nisnoni. m. Donna Ester, née Kiubana.

4. Don Corinus Nisnoni. b. 17th June 1911, educ. Wakil Fetor of Sonbai Kecil after WW2. m. Donna Elisabet, née Tanebet. He d. 21st July 1985, having had issue, four sons and two daughters:
a. Don David Nisnoni. m. Donna Umi.
b. Don Fredrik Nisnoni. m. Donna Johana, née Passoe.
c. Don Otniel Nisnoni. m. Donna Adolfina, née Iba.
d. Don Gotlief Pieter Nisnoni.
e. Don Josepus Jakob Nisnoni.
a. Donna Bendelina. m. Frans L.
b. Donna Juliana Rihi-Nisnoni. m. Marthinus Rihi.

5. Don Thobias Nisnoni. m. …
1. Donna Maria Funai-Nisnoni (the eldest child). m. Jakob Funai. She had issue, one daughter.
2. Donna Jublina. m. Markus Saketu.
3. Donna Johanna. Expelled from the Royal family on account of her marriage. m. Heer. Alex Velberg, late NEI Post. She had issue, one son and one daughter daughter.

(iii) Raja Don Ote Nicolaas Isu Nisnoni, Raja of Kupang and Liurai- see below.
(iv) Don Fai Eklemias Isu Nisnoni, Fetor of Sonbai Kecil (cre. 1945). m. (first) Donna Ester (d.s.p.), née Risi. m. (second) Donna Sofia, née Tupitu. He d. 1968, having had issue, by his second wife, an only daughter:

1. Donna Sobe Pello-Nisnoni. m. David Pello.
b) Sila Nube Nisnoni. He had issue, a son:
i) Ote Nuben Nisnoni, 8th Liurai of Sonbai Kecil. Installed 16th May 1860. He d. 29th June 1870, having had issue, a son:
(1) Don Pieter Messi Nisnoni.

The Tanof Dynasty

1917 - 1918 Raja Don Daud Hanoch Obed Tanof, Raja of Kupang and Fettor of TaEbenu, younger son of Raja Don Hanoch Tanof II, Fettor of TaEbenu, by his second wife, Donna Suzanna Tanlian. Succeeded on the death of his elder half-brother as Fettor of TaEbenu 1901. Selected as the first Raja of the united principality of Kupang, 1917. m. (first) bi Mano, née Nisnoni, who had issue, one daughter. m. (second) Donna Sarah Karolina (d.s.p.?), née Koroh of Amarasi. He d. 20th May 1918, having had issue, a daughter:

1) Donna Susanna Tanof (d/o bi Mano). m. Don Kobo Apopos Tanof.

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