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Her Royal Highness Karen Cantrell, Ratu Muda of Kupang, Grand Chancellor

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Her Royal Highness Karen Cantrell

Her Royal Highness Karen Cantrell, Ratu Muda of Kupang, is an entrepreneur, Political, Social Justice activist, business visionary, philanthropist, humanitarian, and descends from a noble & royal background. She has a vast knowledge of Communications and Public Affairs, including a background in Community Relations, Business Ownership, Governance, and International Affairs.


An advocate for over 30 years, she works tirelessly to help other families experience a better life nationally and internationally.


Karen is well known in the world of chivalry and charitable fields. She is currently The Chairman of the United Nations Association of The United States of America in the Coachella Valley.


Her achievements have been honored with many accolades both nationally and internationally which include The President Call to Service Lifetime Achievement Award from the White House in Washington D.C. 2013 for volunteer work .​ 

​The highest award awarded by the Commonwealth of Kentucky is that of Kentucky Colonel which was awarded to her in​

April 2014, The Royal Medal of the Lion awarded by His Imperial Highness Prince Ermias Sahle-Selassie Haile Selassie for her loyal and faithful service to the Crown Council was awarded to her in 2013. Raja Don Leopold Nisnoni awarded her the coveted Bintang Sonbai – Star of Sonbai for the highest act of appreciation to her for her meritorious service to the people of Kupang.


Ratu Muda Princess Karen Cantrell is also a Grand Armorial Platinum Patron for Andrew Steward Jamieson –Scribe and Illuminator to The Crown Office at the House of Lords on behalf of HM Queen Elizabeth II.


December 2016 she was elected the Chairman of The Royal Society of St George – California and is a member of The Royal Oak Society as well. She and her family have listings in The Blue Book - Southern California Social Register and The New York Social Register.

Please visit her website:

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HRH Viceroy Raja Muda Dr. EnRico A. Melson

HRH Viceroy Raja Muda Dr. EnRico A. Melson - Spiritual Protector to the Raja of Kupang- HRH Leopold Nisnoni and The Royal House of Kupang along with it's 7 regions. He is also the Spiritual Protector for the Royal Society of St George California and is a Member of the King Charles III Leadership Guild.


In December 2023 he received The Medal of Honor. The Star of Sonbai was personally awarded to him by HRH Raja Leopold Nisnoni in Ceremony - Timor Kupang Indonesia in 2023. His Excellency, HRH Viceroy Raja Muda Dr. ENRICO A. MELSON, MD, DASH, DNM(H), MPH, FACPM, DAAPM, ABIHM, CHCQM, MHT, MHLA, MBEP, (DIM), KCSJ, KCLJ, MSE, GCSE, GCCCR, GCDR


For over 35 years, he has lectured and advocated worldwide for: Spirit-Mind-Body and Integrative Medicine; Human Performance; Responsible Business Development; Information, Communications, & Environmental Technologies; Education and Epistemology; Strategic Planning; Community Empowerment & Social Justice; and Consciousness & Cosmology for the New Millennium. He was a National Merit/ California Physicians Scholar at Harvard University, followed by Graduate Education in Public Health and Medicine at University of California, as well as at Stanford University.


His 10+ years of post-doctoral advanced education & training include multiple Specialty areas and Disciplines. Rico served as a Lieutenant Commander and Epidemic Intelligence Service Officer in the United States Public Health Service. Selected other credentials include Doctor of Applied Spiritual Healing (DASH); Doctor of Natural Medicine (DNM, Hon.); Diplomate in Integrative Holistic Medicine (ABIHM). HRH is the Developer of CONSCIOUSNESS MEDICA METASYSTEMSTM. He has received Acknowledgments by numerous international organizations for efforts to advance Telemedicine, Tele Education, and Neuro-Bio-Informatics Networks in Lesser-Developed Countries (LDC's). EnRico has supported the Global effort to understand the Human Brain/ Mind/ Consciousness Axis. He has also contributed to advancing paradigms in Global Integrative Medicine and Natural Medicine – holding multiple Academic appointments over the years. He oversees the development and administration of advanced Curricula in the new Healing Fields of SOMIATRY, Dynamic Integral Medica, and Applied Spiritual Healing. Rico also continues to serve as an ongoing Consultant on numerous projects related to Environmentalism, Sustainability, Futurism, and “Integral-Green” Technologies.


HRH has so far received a total of 19 formal Investitures, Elevations, and Nobility Titles, from multiple ancient lineages of Sovereign and Royal Leaders. He was elected to the Globally-renowned Transformational Leadership Council (TLC). He has been Honored – per Prophesy – by the indigenous Maori Nation Elders of Aotearoa, New Zealand, as: “Kaitiaki o te Maturanga o te Atua” (“Guardian of the Sacred Knowledge of the Creator God”); and of “Mangai” (“Sacred Mouthpiece/Oracle”). He was Awarded: Servant to Humanity (Ser.) Title; His Excellency, Knight Grand Cross of the Imperial Order of the Star of Ethiopia (GCSE), and Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the Star of Honor (MSE) – by His Imperial Highness Prince Ermias Sahle-Selassie Haile-Selassie of Ethiopia – and appointed to the Board of the Water Initiative for Africa. He is a Fellow of the African Scientific Institute (FASI). He has recently been awarded: The President’s Volunteer Service Award; The President’s Lifetime Achievement Award; The United Nations Humanitarian Service Award; The Medal of Honor of the Royal Society of St. George (United Kingdom/ CA Chapter); and he was elevated to the Title of Raja Muda per decree of His Imperial Majesty Raja Don Leopold Nisnoni of Kupang, Indonesia. He has also most recently accepted Titles of Spiritual Protector to the Raja and the Royal House of Kupang, as well as Spiritual Liason to the Royal Society of St George, becoming a Member of the Leadership Guild of RSSG.


EnRico has also received accolades and Prophesy honorifics per numerous Leaders and Masters of the World’s Spiritual Traditions. Some additional noteworthy SPIRITUAL HONOURS (including Mayan, Maori, Roman Catholic, Tibetan, Filipino, and others) for which He has been acknowledged comprise: · “Living Vessel of Amitabha Buddha”; · “Incarnation of Bindu Consciousness”; · “Guardian of the Sacred Tears of Crying Madonna of Verona”; · “Reincarnation of Pharoah Khufu/ Cheops”; · “Receiver of the Invisible Stigmata of Saint Pio di Pietralcina”.


Throughout his adult lifetime HRH has served in disaster and humanitarian relief efforts in more than 25 countries and regions Globally. Servant-Rico teaches frequently – free of charge -- hundreds of students in advanced Meditation, Enlightenment Principles, and Spiritual and Energetic Healing Practices. Today, much of his work also entails serving as Spiritual Guide/ Mentor to a growing cadre of world-class Scientists, to assist in the evolution of Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computing, Quantum Biology, and the overall interfacing of leading-edge Science, Spirituality, Consciousness – and Selfless Service.


Mr. John Fetto, Esq.

Legal Advisor

Originally from New York, John A. Fetto has been a successful trial lawyer in California for the last 30 years. He is dedicated solely to representing those injured by the negligence of others and has recovered more than $50 million in verdicts and settlements on behalf of his clients.

Just a few years out of law school, Mr. Fetto had the opportunity to participate in an appellate case that changed the law regarding third-party warranties. Representing the injured became his mainstay and his calling.

To date, he has prevailed in all of his jury trials and has always won more for his client than the pre-trial settlement offers before trial. He has conducted countless depositions, mediations, arbitrations, and he has achieved many seven-figure settlements on behalf of injured Californians. Additionally, Mr. Fetto has never lost a case that he has litigated.

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