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Companions of Honor

The Royal House of Kupang (Sonaf/Istana Kupang) maintains a Companionship of Honor (Ahli- Ahli Kehormatan Kraton Kupang) to include within its system those who have made contributions in the form of acts of merits towards the Royal House and people of Timor. The companionship stems from the historical and current system of the cultural and traditional structure of the Royal House and society.

The Raja, in his capacity as Head of the Royal House of Kupang, recognizes the meritorious accomplishments of well-deserving individuals in their respective fields. Recipients of the honor are predominantly those from the historical lands of the Sonbai Kecil and may include foreigners. 

The Order has three grades or classes. The first class is generally reserved for nobility, heads-of-state, grand masters of Orders, etc. The 2nd class is reserved for reasonably influential recipients. The 3rd class is for everyone else that merits recognition and is typically the entry class of new members. Over time and if deserving, those honored with the 3rd class of the Order may be eligible for promotion into the 2nd class.


In the Sonbai tradition, the populace had various social classes where one was born into. The upper classes included the nobility, the clergy, and the members of the Royal House.  Having been born in a particular class however, did not preclude someone from performing acts that were substantive enough where the reigning Raja would elevate a commoner into the nobility. The social status was accompanied by a traditional title, listed below in ascending order:

•    Temukung
•    Fettor
•    Raja Muda

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