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Q. Is the Royal Society of Saint George an affiliated Religious Order?

 A. No, the Royal Society of Saint George is an organization dedicated to further promotion of English values. Each year the California Society has affirmative plans to celebrate St. George's Day with events and festivities. Howard Ruff was the founder in 1894 and the first Honorary Secretary of the Royal Society of St. George. In 1900, he gave up farming to devote his time exclusively to the Society.

Q. How one can become a member of the Royal Society of Saint George – California Branch?

A. To learn more or to become a member please visit our website page named MEMBERSHIP or link here to the membership form we offer both online and mail-in applications.

 Q. Is there a fee pertaining to becoming a member?

A. Yes, there is a nominal fee of $150 (a hundred and fifty American dollars).  The Membership fee includes:

  • ​An Annual subscription to St. George for England magazine,

  • A membership certificate,

  • A membership card,

  • A lapel pin, use of our members only 

  • The ability to participate in our California Branch events.


Q. It is possible to belong to this Society even not being of English descendant?

A. Yes, Absolutely. Membership of the Society is open to all people who share our love of England and "Englishness". Those joining the Society today are following in the footsteps of such great Englishmen as Lord Baden-Powell, defender of Mafeking and founder of the worldwide Scout movement, and Sir Winston Churchill, soldier and statesman, whose leadership of his nation in wartime continues to provide inspiration to generations of fellow Britons.

Currently, the Society has active branches in most counties and cities of England. We also have branches and affiliates throughout the Commonwealth and the English-speaking world.

We accept into our ranks - indeed we welcome - people of nationalities other than English if they support our aims. All members of the Royal Society could participate in our events to celebrate England's National Day, on 23rd April each year. This is also the birthday of William Shakespeare. Festivities are organized by our branches and affiliates in towns and cities worldwide. The Society also celebrates Trafalgar Day, commemorating Admiral Lord Nelson's great victory at sea on 21st October 1805, and other momentous events in England's History.

Q. I belong to other orders and societies from other countries. Would it create a conflict of Interest to me to belong to the Royal Society of Saint George?

A. Absolutely not. The activities of the Royal Society are completely independent of other Orders and Societies and poses no conflict to anyone involved.

Q. I currently belong to another Chapter of the Royal Society of Saint George, in another state. Can my membership be transferred to the California branch?

A. Yes. Membership is transferable between branches, and members are always greeted warmly all over the world in more than 20 countries. We encourage all English expatriates, dual passport holders, anyone that has family members in England, and temporary or permanent English residents living in California to join our society.

Q. How different is the Royal Society of Saint George-California Branch and the Original Royal Society of Saint George?

A. Our branch of the Royal Society of St. George caters to many of the same shared ideals as the original colonial societies, today's modern societies and understands an official charter to the present day by The Royal Society of St. George headquartered in Essex, England.

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