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Grand Chancellery of United States is Looking for Volunteers

The Royal House of Kupang – Grand Chancellery of United States is operated by a small team, and we always welcome a helping hand. Whether it’s advising on a project, photographing an event or organizing paperwork, every action you take to support the vital work we do makes a difference.

Volunteers are essential to our outreach work, and we are currently seeking assistance in the following areas:

Human Resources Advisory

We are seeking an experienced individual to offer HR advice and guidance, such as developing, revising and recommending policies and procedures for the organization that ensure we are following best practice.

Non-profit experience is desired, but not essential.

Grant Writing

We are seeking assistance to identify, research, and pursue foundation grant funding opportunities to support, enhance and expand our charitable programs. Experience is preferred but not essential.

Your support is crucial to our success.

Educational and didactic Background

We have been working tirelessly to develop a comprehensive educational program to be implemented in the small educational units and orphanages throughout the small kingdom of Kupang

Lend your expertise today. Please reach out through our contact form.


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