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THE REAL HOUSE DE KUPANG: They were and still are kings.

The Chancellor of the main house in New Zealand and the Pacific Islands, the Honorable Lord Don Anthony Raman, sends us this interesting story about the real homes of Indonesia meeting in Kupang, at the end of the last month of July 2010, in the Palace of the King Nisnoni, Don Leopold Nicolaas Nisnoni, Raja of Kupang, which was attended by a large number of Rajas, and which dealt with important cultural issues.

The meeting, presided over by the Raja of Kupang, was opened by the Vice Governor of the Indonesian State of East Nusa Tenggara, his Excellency Eshton Leyloh Foenay, himself holder of the throne of the Kingdom of Helong, one of the kingdoms of Kupang, who came dressed in traditional attire.

The solemn ceremony was accompanied by dances and musics regional, using the attendant's dresses of their noble status.

The Raja of Kupang, like many others, is formally recognized by the Government of Indonesia, which gives them an important role in cultural and traditional themes.

Don Leopold Nicolaas Nisnoni, muy respetado y querido por todos, es uno de los pocos reyes cristianos de Indonesia, se mantiene al margen de la política y trabaja en pro del desarrollo cultural de su país.

A continuación, pueden leer el texto original gentilmente remitido por el Caballero Anthony Raman.


Antara News, the national news agency of Indonesia, reported the recent historic meeting of the various Rajas of Timor in the Nusa Tenggara Timor Province, including West Timor, held towards the end of July.

The news article headlined and prominently stated that the Rajas' meeting at the Sonaf (Palace) of the King Nisnoni in Kupang, who is HRH Don Leopold Nicolaas Nisnoni, The Raja of Kupang.

The meeting was opened by the current Vice Governor of East Nusa Tenggara (NTT), H.E Eshton Leyloh Foenay, who is also the heir to the throne of the Kingdom of Helong, which is one of the Kingdoms within Kupang. He stressed when opening the meeting that the kings must be closer to the people and be role models for them, as without the people, there would be no king. The Vice Governor came in royal clothes and regalia, befitting his status as the heir to the throne of the Kingdom of Helong.

The Vice Governor, Rajas, Fettors and some Temukungs within Timor (equivalent to Lords or territorial heads who manage certain villages, smaller villages, and neighborhoods traditionally for the Raja and representative of the Raja in their areas of responsibility) were welcomed upon their arrival by the heir to the throne of the Kingdom of Kupang, Don Leopold Nicolaas Nisnoni. Their welcome was accompanied by regional dances, the royal regalia, and nobility clothing with music from the beating of gongs (traditional Indonesian musical instrument).

The grandfather Raja Don Nicolaas Nisnoni of the current Raja of Kupang and his father, the then Crown Prince Alfonsus Nisnoni. Standing behind them are the Fettors or Vice Kings of the Kupang Kingdom.

Please put the title for this picture as 'The grandfather Raja Don Nicolaas Nisnoni of the current Raja of Kupang and his father who was the then Crown Prince Alfonsus Nisnoni. Standing behind them are the Fettors or Vice Kings of the Kupang Kingdom).

The Rajas (Kings) sat on special chairs prepared in prominent locations while in front of the dozens of Temukungs sat cross-legged on special mats on the ground with their own traditional clothes.

The atmosphere was ceremonial and certainly royal and brought back memories and images of the time before the 1960s and hundreds of years before when the ancestors of these Rajas headed their own governments and ruled their own kingdoms.

The title for this picture, please put as 'Don Leopold Nicolaas Nisnoni, The Raja of Kupang'

The Raja of Kupang and the Royal Dynasty of Kupang as some formerly ruling royal dynasties are recognized on a cultural and traditional basis. The Raja is a traditional leader of his people and the custodian/beholder of their customs and culture. Don Leopold Nisnoni is one of the few Christian Kings in Indonesia who is well regarded by the various other royal dynasties. Don Leopold maintains good relations with the various Rajas and Sultans in Indonesia, including the larger former sultanates throughout Indonesia.

Don Leopold takes an active part in various royal meetings and gatherings of the various royal dynasties in Indonesia, and his views are taken seriously by the other dynasties.

There exist many historical records in the west of the ancestors and lineage of Don Leopold and his current position as head of the Royal House of Kupang and successor to the former empire of Sonbai. Even now, much historical research is being done by certain European professors on the Timor Kings, with Don Leopold taking a prominent and guiding role for these researchers.

Even though Don Leopold, The Raja of Kupang, is not involved in politics, he is well regarded and accepted as a cultural and traditional leader who is well-loved. The Raja's focus is to develop cultural and traditional values while working towards friendship and peace amongst all and with all.

Published by Twelve lineages of Soria at 08:02


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